Meeting other dogs at the park should be this easy.


A Better Dog Park Experience.


Broadcast when you'll be there

Without messaging back and forth or asking for a stranger's number. Easily let others know when you'll be at the park so they can decide to join.


Great for dog park regulars

 Get the most out of a visit by knowing who is going and when. It takes time and effort to go to the park. Don't take your chances on a hit or miss experience.


Handy info at your fingertips

Have access to profiles of other dogs and dog parks. Learn about the other pups size, age, and owner & have useful info on park details.


No need to ask for phone numbers 

Avoid awkwardly asking for a stranger's phone number just because your dogs play well together. Thank goodness!


Easily share with others

Send cute pictures or messages to other dog park friends via the chat room of your preferred park. 


Avoid dogs that don't get along

Dogs are like people. They get along better with some than others. Make better judgments on when to go and avoid unnecessary confrontations.


Dog Focused.
Community Driven.

PlayPal is a community driven app that gets better as more people contribute and use it. And let’s face it, our dogs have their favorite friends. If you’re at the park and Rover’s found a new buddy, tell them to use the app for future playdates.

It’s the least we can do for our best friend.



It's gone to the dogs.

Are you bombarded with messages trying to coordinate who and when others are going to the park? Is your dog only tired after playing with other high energy dogs? Have you ever made a trek to the dog park only to find no one else is there? Does your small dog prefer to play with other small dogs? Does your dog need to avoid certain dogs?

Then PlayPal is for you.